This is what I offer

and it thrills me!


Here is where the review of creative resources starts giving solutions to your communicational needs. The way how to tell a story is fundamental.

Strategy design

Launching, spreading and the path to be taken are different in each project. It is important to find the correct course of action so as to gain maximum benefit.

Production and Directing

Unity is strength! The key is a convenient mixture of both. The better the planning, the better the shooting.

Youtube Manager

You surely know what the role of a Community Manager is, but what is a Youtube Manager*?


Social responsability

I’m open to volunteer work and to collaborate in videos about initiatives of the third sector which aim to produce a positive impact upon society. I also design and develop RSE projects for companies.


It is video’s best ally. Photographs taken during the course of production add communicative resources to the message you wish to send to the public.


This is what I have done recently

created with passion and pixels



I love plans to turn out well

and for you to be pleased

  • 1


    Tell me your story and ideas and what you wish to reach with your project.

  • 2


    We will chose the type of video that best fits your purpose.

  • 3


    We will build and shape it with lots of love.

  • 4


    This is the moment to show what we have achieved together and spread it in the most suitable way.



  • Miguel is very skilled at camera and post production, and brings great energy and enthusiasm to every project he is involved with. I would recommend him highly as a vibrant and valuable addition to any project or team.

    Tom Hopkins- Owner & Director - One Productions Dublin

  • Miguel is a brilliant professional, a very skilled film-maker and cameraman and above all a wonderful person. He is always ready to help and to discuss any aspect whith the most thorough depth. His organisational skills allow him to best address what to do in order to reach to the goal. His enthusiastic vision of the life and fondness bring an added value to both work and life-related matters. Definitely an asset for any team to have.

    Giuseppe Pietroforte - Marketing Manager – Arkadia Translations Italy

  • Miguel Ángel is a passionate filmmaker. In fact he is passionate about knowledge and getting to know the issues that concern him. His curiosity drives him in his work as a story-teller, as he lives life through the lens. He is purposeful, resolute and at the same time extremely easy-going. Miguel Ángel is very realistic assessing what can or can’t be done in a project. He is one of the most reliable camera operators I’ve worked with, and his broad perspective about his profession and life always gives me this wise and zen vibe I need in the set.

    Albert Bonet - Filmmaker –

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